We are involved in work with several other centres and research projects. Below are some of the institutions and people we work with. 


The primary task of Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES) is to explore the profound transformation of the political, cultural and intellectual contours of Europe that has taken place over the last centuries. Under the CEMES program we take part in the EPOQ research group, and under this program we have recently published "European Fisheries at a Tipping Point" in both English and Spanish. Read more about CEMES here and about our research group EPOQ here.


European Policies and Quality of Life is a research group under the CEMES program (see above). We host the group together with Klaus Schriewer at the University of Murcia. EPOQ is open to researchers that are interested in debates, seminars and research projects that explore the relations between governance and groups of people, communities and life-modes. Click here to visit EPOQ website.

"Transformations in European Societies", Doctoral Programme

"Transformations in European Societies" is a joint project of cultural studies and social anthropology departments at the universities of Basel, Edinburgh, Graz, Copenhagen, Munich (Ludwig Maximilian University), Murcia and Tel Aviv. Visit the program website  here.

Professor Klaus Schriewer, University of Murcia

Professor Klaus Schriewer is one of the scientists working for decades with State and life-mode analysis and as an active member of the centre. Currently Professor Schriewer is the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Murcia, and focusses on the cultural dimension of European Integration and the difficulties in this process. Read more about Klaus here.

Fudan-Europe Centre for Modern and Comparative China Studies

The Fudan Centre is anchored at the universities of Shanghai and Copenhagen (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, The Department of Political Science). At the centre we consider China to be paramount for the understanding of basic conditions for the European development due to the world wide influence China holds. We cooperate with the centre in order to develop collaboration with researchers in Shanghai and Beijing. Read about the centre here.

Han Herred Havbaade

Han Herred Havbaade is an ethnological centre for research, development, preservation, publishing, and exhibiting of coastal culture. This includes a yard which is repairing and constructing fishing boats (oak clinker crafts), as well as studies and publications on the life-modes of fishing families, seamen, craftsmen, merchants, and other parts of coastal populations. We cooperate with the center on research and publishing projects (www.havbaade.dk).