Centre for State and Life-mode Analysis

The Centre for State and Life-mode Analysis has been formed to promote research in cultural life-modes and the role of states and the state system in shaping cultural life. 

We are situated at the University of Copenhagen and are a part of the Department of Ethnology at the SAXO-Institute.

Our work

At the centre we ask how everyday life is shaped and influenced by larger regional and global changes, and how we as researchers can examine and conceptualize these changes. Currently, for example, we explore how the conditions change for wage earners and challenge their mode of life. We also look into the current status of the family as a platform for double careers or for a modern family based enterprise. We engage in these question through examinations of state and life-modes. 

Since the beginning of the 1980s this theoretical framework has been developed closely yogether with empirical research involving researchers from all scholarly traditions. It is characteristic of the centre to work not only in a contemporary context, but to draw also upon the insights that spring from an exploration of the interchange in previous historical settings between continuity and transformation.